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Fashionova Incubation Center is a low cost studio for you. We provide low-cost design studio space, business mentoring, seminars, and networking opportunities making it ideal for those who thrive in community. We have a dedicated team of young designers to work on your new concepts, provide latest fashion stories based on proper forecasts, following worldwide trends. We help you develop new concepts to keep feeding in the
market with the latest designs and trends as per your requirements.


We provide incubation support to young aspiring talents planning to make their career in fashion industry and to help them innovate & execute their ideas under the guidance of industry experts. This is achieved by involving them in the services that we provide to the  actual industry vis-a-vis, Apparel Design, Apparel Job Working, Embroidery, CAD CAM support, Textile Printing, Sourcing and  Brand Advisory. Designers work on a dedicated project to gain  actual industry experience and we provide you with exclusive designs from them. These designers are trained for 6 months before they join the actual industry and a new set of designers join us with fresh ideas and new innovations. All the work is executed under a well experienced and professional team.








Fashionova sports a fully equipped, all under one roof Sampling Unit for all your sampling requirements. Walk in with a requirement and walk out with a fully done sample set, ready for order presentation. We construct apparel in the woven category for men, women and kids in all ranges.



Fashionova has the state of art facility for your Pattern cutting requirements. We have a Computer Aided Cutting Plotter and Spreader. With the use of this technology, we can help fasten your cutting procedure 3 to 5 times more than the traditional method.



Not all garments have a perfect fit going up without proper grading. This will ensure every design that you create will fit every type of body. A skilled grader sees and understands the nuances of a particular garment with an understanding of how it should look on all shapes and sizes and grades the garment accordingly. If it isn’t done right, your apparel won’t look right. Let the experts take care of your pattern grading needs today.



Fashionova Incubation Centre is a low cost studio for you. We host a wide library of fabric and accessory resources from all across India for your raw material needs. Gone are the days, when you had to search around the globe, pay for heavy logistics and wait timelessly for your raw material. Let your creations take shape all under one roof without the wait. We are happy to source fabrics and other material for
your needs



Fashionova Incubation Centre hosts regular Digital Printing classes and we have a well-equipped team of experts for creating digital prints and graphic designs. Each print is created after thorough study of the trends to keep you up to date. We provide digital printing on Polyester, Cotton, Viscose, Silk, Gorgette, Japan Satin, American Crepe or any other type of fabric that you would require.


Fashionova Designs is the brain child of Mr. Anupam Goyal, developed with the aim to fill the gaps in the fashion and textile industry through acceleration programmes for young designers. We are passionately involved the industry providing aid for every step of the apparel manufacturing processes.

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